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Third Grade

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Writing notebook cover example below:

Try to cover your notebook that will remind you of neat things to write about!



Dog collage



Welcome back to school!  It is going to be a great year.  We have so many things to discover and to learn about.  Third grade is a time of incredible growth for students as they cement basic skills and learn to work with others.  We already have a study trips planned to help us explore the Martinez community and enrich our understanding of time long ago.  So hang on and enjoy the ride!


Math - Bridges Student Book

Our classes are exploring number sense up to the 1,000 place. We are sequencing, creating equivalent expressions, practicing and modeling our computation skills, estimating, subtracting multiples of ten, and reviewing how to round. We are learning many different ways to record expressions and show our work. Next we will be working on finding the difference between number and modeling our thinking. Then, we will move to explain subtraction involving a missing part, the basis for algebra, and representing our thinking.


​Students are learning that getting a correct answer is not enough, but being able to explain their thinking and proving their reasoning with a sound argument is just as important. 


Upcoming, students will be using analog clocks to tell time to the nearest 5 minutes, as well as being able to describe intervals of time. 



Our school implements Writer's Workshop and we encourage children to write, revise, and notice what writers do.  We kick off the year with personal narratives, true stories that children have “lived”.  Students will be  creating a Writers’ Notebook and collecting their precious stories as they learn skills to become even better at the writing process.


Third graders will learn both cursive and typing. They will practice both and we encourage them to practice at home! Typing is a vital skill to be successful on SBAC testing at the end of the year.



This year John Swett has adopted Reader's Workshop. We teach skills each day to students and have them practice by reading "just right" books for them. Strong comprehension skills and oral fluency are a necessary combination for building competent readers, and the best way to acquire these are to read, read, read, read!  This year students will go beyond basic comprehension, using higher level thinking skills to synthesize, evaluate and compare texts.  They will use text features to help glean information and on-line searches to compile research about topics.  


We will be using both literature and informative texts to build necessary comprehension strategies.  In addition, students will work in the reading lab to increase reading fluency.  Most students need to read a minimum of 90 words per minute to begin to understand what they’re reading; any less and the reader is spending to much effort struggling to decode.  Students who read nightly should make the progress needed to read proficiently in third grade and beyond.



We have adopted the Next Generation Science Standards that support critical thinking and inquiry in science and engineering. Third grade topics include forces and states of matter, adaptations and lifecycles of plants and animals, bones, water cycle, pollution, and climate.


Social Studies

Third grade social studies is all about community and change. We will learn about native California peoples, the origins of our community, and our community today. Students will learn geography terms and how they affect our region. In addition, we study american symbols, basic government, and the constitution.



A top predictor of student success is daily attendance.  Curriculum has drastically changed with the implementation of Common Core standards.  Class lessons in reading, writing, and arithmetic are experiential in nature and cannot be duplicated with a worksheet.  Instruction and investigations are impossible to make up.  Students who are late to class or miss school risk falling behind.  Although we do not encourage students who are ill to attend school, regular attendance will be crucial for your child’s success.  Please plan family vacations for non-school days as in most cases, make-up work will be impossible to assign.

Student of the Month

September - Teamwork

October - Friendship

November - Integrity

December - Cooperation

January - Responsibility 

February - Respect

March - Initiative

April - Perseverance 

May - Flexibility 


Weekly Homework

Third Grade Supply List

Welcome to 3rd grade!

Listed below are donations that would be useful for the 3rd grade curriculum. Please, do not put students’ names on donations as they will be used for the entire class.


*Post-its (yellow plain are best)


*Pencils (Ticonderoga – best value – easy to sharpen, don’t ruin the pencil sharpener = lasts longer)

*Red pens for correcting

*Box of 24 crayons

*Set of thick and thin washable markers

*Small set of colored pencils –(Crayola – best value – best color – last longer)


*Fine tipped black Sharpie pens

* Composition book – Maximum # of pages

*Glue sticks (Elmer’s best value – other brands do not stick – art projects peel apart)

*Dry erase markers and erasers

*Baby wipes for washing hands

*Clorox wipes for washing desks, tables, and countertops

*Kleenex – ones with lotion and antibacterial are best

*Paper towels

*Hand sanitizer



Thank you very much for helping our classroom get off to a great start. We look forward to meeting you and having a great school year!

~The Third Grade Team

3rd Grade Garden

Thank you to for helping to make our garden possible!