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Reflections 2018-19 JSE

Reflections is around the corner and we have a new theme!!

The Theme for 2018-2019  is "Heroes Around Me".

Here is a link to the National Reflections promo video for this year:

     National PTA Reflections 50 years

Reflections turns 50 this year and National has a special grant to apply for.  Due date is June 30th!!

     National PTA Grant Opportunities

Kick off Reflections NOW - in May and June before school ends.  Send it home as something that parents can have their students work on over the summer on the "I'm Bored" days.  It will give them lots more time to think and create.


Some ideas to help promote:

Host an Art Night or even an Art Lunchtime Activity with markers, pipe cleaners and applications to get the ball rolling.

Make an announcement during morning assembly/announcements.

Ask students to think about who they see as Heroes Around them.

Put a cape on a new staff member each day and announce who is our Hero today to create a buzz.

Posters- Who’s super? Who’s your hero? What’s a hero?


Some rules to pay attention to:

  1. The art must be Student Directed. Inspiration from Characters is ok but no exact known characters, ie Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.
  2. Dance- it can be danced by others but must be Student choreographed. Not group lead.
  3. Film- student can star in film with parents or professional camera crew doing the filming OR student can be behind the camera with cast acting out story, as long as the Student is the director and creator.
  4. Music- no copywritten material accepted. Changing words to known melody is not allowed. Submit lyrics.
  5. Visual Art- with the Heroes theme, we expect a large amount of superheros. Images must be Student created, no exact known character.
  6. All entries must be new, not a graded project or previous contest submission- it can however be extra credit toward class per teacher initiative.
  7. Submissions must be created with theme in mind.
  8. Child can submit multiple applications per category.
  9. Only one division per entry. No changes after entry.
  10. Only one submission per category moves forward per division


Remember that the artist statement is important - REALLY IMPORTANT - and that every entry must have a title too.

If they need some inspiration - all of the California State PTA Award of Excellence entries are on the website at:

     2018 Reflections Award Recipients

And the National PTA Reflection awards were announced today.  California had 12 students receive National awards!  Woo Hoo!

     Congratulations 2018 Reflections Winners





Reflection Questions: 


Daisy Ponce Gonzalez