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School Counselor


Counselor: AJ (Amarjit) Kaur, LMFT, PPSC

Phone: 925-335-5860 ext. 3677


School-based counseling supports students with developing skills and strategies that will support academic and social success in school. Through classroom based social-emotional learning, individual and small group counseling, students are able to learn language to communicate more effectively, develop skills to manage their emotions and behaviors, as well as learn conflict resolution strategies. School-based counseling is another tool to support your student's success at JSE and build a supportive learning environment for all students.


Classroom Based Social Emotional Learning

Two specific curricula are used to support all K-5th students’ Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the General Education classroom. Our counselor is trained in Mindfulness through Mindful Schools and The Connection Practice through Rasur Foundation. The Mindful Schools curriculum is designed to model and teach social, emotional and attentional skills to students. This curriculum provides 15 minutes lessons to make the skills accessible without taking away significant academic time. The Connection Practice is designed for 3rd-5th grade and is a 6-week curriculum, with 30 minute lessons. The Connection Practice supports building empathy and insight which will lead to better conflict resolution skills and managing difficult emotions. The counselor may use other curricula and modalities to support SEL learning. Please see edutopia: Social and Emotional Learning Research Review for more information on the positive impact of SEL on academic performance.


Individual Counseling

Our counselor is available to provide time-limited, short term counseling to support General Education students needing more intensive interventions. Counseling sessions are designed to support with Social Skills, Relationships/Communication Skills, Understanding and Managing Emotions (anger, anxiety, depression, etc.), Conflict Resolution Skills and School Success. Due to availability, sessions are limited to 3-6 sessions, with on- going informal checks.  Students can be referred to counseling by the teacher, principal,  parent or self-referral, using the School Based Counseling Referral Form. Parents will need to provide written Consent for Counseling prior to the student beginning work with the counselor. The counselor will work with the parents/guardians, teacher, and student to determine the area(s) of need and provide key interventions to support the students needs and progress.


Group Counseling

Throughout the school year, counseling groups will be formed to addressed specific learning, behavioral or social issues. The counselor will use a variety of modalities to support skill development, including play, cognitive behavior therapy, art, and/or process groups. Groups will be formed based on need and students will be selected by the counselor in order to create the most positive group dynamics. Groups will be limited to 2-6 students per group and span 6-8 weeks, 30 minutes per group session. Prior to the student’s participation in any group, the counselor will provide the parent/guardian with specific group information, including the topic, modality, and goals of the group. Parents will need to provide written Consent for Counseling prior to the student’s participation in group counseling.




Attention, focus, and learning are always hot topics in the school community. Here is a great opportunity for you view what these challenges may feel like for the child who is experiencing them. 

Through Your Child's Eyes

It’s one thing to read about learning and attention issues. It’s another thing to see them through your child’s eyes. Experience firsthand how frustrating it is when your hand won’t write what your brain is telling it to. Or how hard it is to complete a simple task when you have trouble focusing. Use these unique simulations and videos to better understand your child’s world.



NEW: FREE Mindfulness Class for Kids! 

Mindful Schools is offering free classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 10 am.

Mindful Breathing - "Put on" your mindful body, put one or both hands on your chest and/or bully. Breath normally for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, noticing the breath, using the breath to anchor your mind. 

Video: Mindful breathing with Mojo


Mindful Bodies - Keeping our bodies still and quiet, noticing our thoughts, feelings, body sensations and noises. 


Mindful Listening - Using a Singing Bowl, anchor our listening with the sound of the bell and also notice other sounds.