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Bridges Student Book

Want extra practice on some of the math we are doing in class? Find the practice pages for the unit and review them with your student! 

Bridges Student Book

Math Unit Pre-Assessments

Look at this Unit's Pre-Assessment to see what your student will be working on in class for the next few weeks. Use this to spark conversation throughout the Unit about the math learning that is going on in 4th grade!

Math Units:

Unit 1 Pre-Assessment

Unit 2 Pre-Assessment

 Unit 4 Pre-Assessment

Unit 3 Pre-Assessment

 Unit 6 Pre-Assessment

Check out the 4th grade IXL skills associated with the Common Core Standards too!

Helpful Websites

Monthly Character Traits

September - Teamwork

October - Friendship

November/December - Gratitude

January - Integrity 

February - Forgiveness

March - Responsibility

April - Compassion 

May - Flexibility 

Fourth Grade

February Book Project: Nonfiction reading

Need another copy of the February Book Project packet? Here it is!

February Book Project

December Book Project:BOOK IN  A BAG

Need another copy of the Book in a Bag project packet? Here it is!

December Book Project: Book in a Bag

Welcome to 4th Grade!

4th grade is a transitional year.  It is where students begin to develop study habits and organizational skills.  Students learn about responsibility and are accountable for their own assignments.  Fourth grade procedures are very routine and each day, students get better at budgeting their time and sticking to the routine.

Fourth graders are immersed in subject areas across the curriculums that are appropriate to their age.  They are tested on math facts, and study many other areas from geometry to writing equations throughout the year.  We read and discuss many fourth grade novels, and practice different forms of writing with the Units of Study program.  They learn all about Native Americans, European Explorers, Spanish Missions and the Gold Rush.  Fourth grade is a busy year!

Students participate in the Walk-Through California program where they have the opportunity to dress as figures from California’s past and learn about our history in an interactive way. We will participate in other programs both at school and outside of school that will correspond to our units of study, including an overnight excursion to the gold fields of Coloma, California!

IXL Math

Attached is a document that has IXL skills students could be working on, in addition to those that will be practiced in class. Skills that do not pertain to our standards have been deleted and  skills that are critical and should be mastered this year are highlighted.  Please encourage your child to practice regularly (especially the highlighted skills). has suggested that 4th graders focus the majority of the their time on:

- Use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve problems

- Understand place value for numbers up to a billion

- Equivalent fractions - identify if two fractions are worth the same amount, write an equivalent fraction if one is given

- Ordering fractions from least/greatest with like and unlike denominators

- Understand how decimals and fractions are related (write a fraction as a decimal and a decimal as a fraction)

- Compare decimals and fractions at the same time (i.e. put these in order from greatest to least:   0.5, 0.08, 1/2, 3/4)


IXL Skills Sheet


Roadrunner Reading

Read 650 minutes this month to receive a free book from PTA!

Record your reading minutes on the calendar provided by PTA.



Home Connections Book

Forgot your Home Connections book at school? Not to worry! Just look at your planner and find the page number in this PDF version. 


Home Connections Book